Swaddle Transition

Swaddle Transition

Benefit of Lanugo Swaddle Transition

Changing from swaddling to normal sleepwear is a big changes for baby. Changes like this need time, patient and right tools to make it smooth. When baby is sleeping, they often experience moro startle reflex and they cannot return back to sleep because they cannot feel the edges like in the womb or swaddling.

Lanugo Baby Swaddle Transition have star shape / star fish design where baby still can feel the edges like when they were in the womb and this helps them to self-soothe and sleep again.

Below are the benefits of Lanugo Baby Swaddle Transition:

  • Help baby sleep better with the design that feel like in the womb
  • Baby can still roll over
  • Keep baby hand warm
  • Enclosed sleeves help the baby not to scratch their face with their finger nails (especially for baby with eczema)
  • Baby can hold and play with their toys
  • With wing span, baby can develop their motoric sense better
  • Prevents the risk of hip dysplasia
  • Zipper that can be opened from below for easy diaper changes
  • Inner zipper flap to protect baby’s skin from direct contact with zipper
  • Prevent baby from climbing out from the crib
  • Protect baby from germs when it used outside

Swaddle Transition - Product Feature


Temperature TOG
24-27 °C 0.5
21-23 °C 1.0
16-20 °C 2.5
12-15 °C 3.5


Medium 3 – 6 months Max 71 cm 5.5 kg – 8.5 kg
Large 6 – 12 months Max 81 cm 8.5 kg – 11.5 kg