Newborn Hold baby wrap places baby’s entire body and feet inside the wrap. Suitable for baby with around 3-4kg weight.

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1 - Perform Basic Wrap and check for firmness and comfort by pressing down from inside of the crossed fabric at the front

2 - Slide baby’s both feet down to your chest (baby facing you) into the crossed panel which closest to your body. Let baby’s legs remain in the fetal position

3 - Spread the fabric wide over baby's entire body (shoulder, back and bottom)

4 - Securely hold your baby and spread the other fabric panel over baby’s body (do not cover baby’s face)

5 - Gently pull the logo panel up to cover baby’s bottom to the back of baby’s neck

6 - Baby wrap Newborn Hold is completed. Baby’s head can be tucked into the crossed fabric with baby’s face facing you and make sure baby's nose is not blocked by anything