Baby wrap with hugging baby position as baby facing to the wearer. It uses different style of tying than Hug Hold as to provide wider fabric support under baby’s thighs.

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1 - Find the centre of baby wrap (logo panel) and place the wrap around your waist with the logo facing out

2 - Hold onto the top edges (to keep fabric flat and untwisted) and slide across the back

3 - Swing right side of the fabric over opposite shoulder without twisting the fabric

4 - Repeat for left side of the fabric by swinging it to the opposite shoulder. It will create a cross on your back

5 - Place the two fabric ends straight down

6 - Hold baby high on your shoulder (baby facing you)

7 - Gently lower baby into the logo panel. Spread logo panel to cover baby’s feet and back. (Optional: Baby’s feet can be out through the logo panel)

8 - Hold baby securely and bring one fabric end over baby’s back and bottom towards your opposite hip. (If baby’s feet are out, fabric panel should be placed in between baby’s legs)

9 - Repeat with the other fabric end. Both fabric ends must be pulled snugly as you wrap

10 - Wrap both ends around your hip

11 - Cross the fabric ends at your back

12 - Bring both fabric ends to the front

13 - Tie both ends with a knot

14 - Tie again for the second knot to secure the wrap

15 - Kangaroo Wrap and hold is completed. Baby’s head can be tucked into the crossed fabric for additional support