Baby wrap with baby facing to the wearer. Suitable for baby around 3-4 months old when baby can fully spread their legs. 

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1 - Perform Basic Wrap and check for firmness and comfort by pressing down from inside of the crossed fabric at the front

2 - Mark the crossed panel which closest to the body

3 - Place baby high on your shoulder (baby facing you) and gently guide baby’s foot under that panel

4 - Pull the fabric panel on the other side

5 - Gently guide and tuck baby’s other leg under the panel. Tuck both baby’s arms inside the fabric and spread fabric to evenly wrap from shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee

6 - Gently bend baby’s leg at the knee and lift baby’s foot up while tucking under the logo panel

7 - Gently pull the logo panel up to cover baby’s back to the base of baby’s neck

8 - Baby wrap Hug Hold is completed with baby’s weight is on your chest. Regularly check baby’s position and adjust the fabric accordingly to maintain a deep supported seat with firm baby wrap