Basic Wrap is the wrap that you need to do before carry baby with HUG HOLD, FACING OUT POSITION and NEWBORN HOLD.

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1 - Find the centre of baby wrap (logo panel) and place the wrap around your waist with the logo facing out

2 - Hold onto the top edges (to keep fabric flat and untwisted) and slide across the back

3 - Swing right side of the fabric over opposite shoulder without twisting the fabric

4 - Repeat for left side of the fabric by swinging it to the opposite shoulder. It will create a cross on your back

5 - Place the two fabric ends straight down

6 - Gather the long ends and tuck them under the logo panel

7 - Align the two ends down while tighten the logo panel

8 - Cross the fabric ends

9 - Wrap both ends around your hips and cross them at the back. (Optional: If the fabric ends are too short, tie in a double knot and you are done with Basic Wrap)

10 - Bring both fabric ends to the front

11 - Tie both ends with a knot

12 - Tie again for the second knot to secure the wrap

13 - Baby wrap is ready to be used after checking for firmness and comfort by pressing down from inside of the crossed fabric at the front


9A - Optional: If the fabric ends are too short to be tied at the front. At point 9, when wrapping both ends around your hips, tie both ends to make a knot at the back

9B - Tie again for the second knot to secure the wrap