Baby Wrap Benefit

Baby Wrap Benefit

Lanugo baby wrap provides natural way to connect you with your baby. It made with Rayon-Spandex that elastic, soft and cool; Lanugo Baby Wrap will make mom and baby feel comfortable in the tropical climate. Lanugo Baby Wrap can be worn to carry newborn until 2 years old baby with maximum weight of 15kg. This baby wrap keeps your baby close while freeing up your hands and evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders for comfort.

Baby Wrap - Social Development

Helps Baby in Social Development

When holding a baby with Lanugo Baby Wrap, baby position is closer to adult face position which will help the baby to interact with them or other people (almost same eye level). It also helps babies learn to understand verbal language, facial expression and body language better.

Baby Wrap - Flat Head

Lowering Risk of Flat Head Syndrome

Flat Head Syndrome occurs when certain areas of the baby's head developed with the flat spot due to the pressure concentrated on that specific area. Infants are very vulnerable to this syndrome because the baby's bones still soft when they are born. Lanugo Baby Wrap is very elastic, so that when the baby is being carried using this baby wrap, the pressure will not be concentrated on one specific area.

Baby Wrap - Adapting

Helps Babies Adapting to the World

When a baby is born, the baby needs help in the transition from mother's womb into the world. Lanugo Baby Wrap helps calm babies by positioning the baby close to the mother's heartbeat as what baby heard when inside the womb.

Baby Wrap - Hormones

Increase Mother Hormones

When mother have contact with the baby, mother's hormones will increase and it will make them easier in giving breast milk. It also can reduce the impact of stress on the mother.